Looking for charitable organizations which offer child sponsorships can be a difficult task when you consider the potential risks that may arise. You never know whether or not your money is going to the cause you believe in; with that in mind, it is important to do the necessary research when you decide you want to make such a long-term commitment, even if the amount is small. Here are some tips that should help you as you search for a suitable child sponsorship program.


You want to consider the countries that the child sponsorship program targets as some of them offer children in more than one country. It is important to determine which country you are truly invested in; ask yourself if you even have a preference for which country you focus on; you will find that most organizations focus on countries in Africa and Asia, but there are also plenty of potential opportunities available here in the United States. So considering your preferences for location is a great first step in the right direction.

Is it individual or community-based

As you continue on your search, you will find that there are programs that offer programs where the money will go directly to the child you are sponsoring, and then there will be other programs that will take the money to support the community where the child lives. Both will be focused on helping with improving these children’s’ lives in areas such as education, better nutrition, and medical care. So think about what you want the money to go towards; would you rather the money go directly to the child or their community?

Do they work well with money?

It is your money, after all, so you want to be sure that where you are donating is fiscally responsible. You want to make finding an organization that is accountable and has a good track record of using their funds a top concern when considering where to be a sponsor. You want to be sure that the money they receive goes to that specific cause you want it to go to and isn’t being allocated to fundraising and administrative needs. Look for financial reports as these child sponsorship charities should be pretty transparent with that and if you are unable to find it, that should immediately be a red flag.


This might seem like to most practical thing to consider, but you want to know how much it costs to be a sponsor. You want to be sure that it is something that you can reasonably work into your budget where you can make that long-term commitment. Most charities have a flat monthly that ranges anywhere from $10 to $100.