For charities and philanthropic organizations, spending time on social media work can seem like a poor use of time since there is typically so much work to be done to keep the organization afloat. Twenty years ago, organizations in every sector functioned in quite a different way, but it’s important to adapt to the changing online landscape in order to develop your audience and get more eyes on what your group is trying to achieve.

To make the most of the time your organization spends online, make sure you’re following some of these tried and true tips that have increased the engagement and audience for philanthropic groups in the past.


Find similar groups

You want your organization to stand out, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the efforts made by similar groups. Seek out other groups and organizations who believe in similar things and are making a difference to society. Making sure you put a spotlight on them will encourage them to continue going after their goals and also might allow them to give your own organization the second look.


Engage with your audience

Make sure that when people find your page and like your mission you keep in contact with them. This doesn’t necessarily mean you post on their profile all the time, but be sure to check in on what they’re posting and like and comment on things that fall in line with what your organization stands for. Keeping your organization fresh in the minds of those who follow you on social media increases the likelihood of them interacting or donating to you in the future.


Keep it updated

Do you have a local event or speaking engagement coming up? Let your followers know about it! Did you just receive a grant or large donation? Post an update! People that like your organization will be happy to hear of any successes you have and some may want to attend an event you throw or attend. It’s good to keep your social media sites active so that your followers are updated on the latest developments to your cause.